The primary impetus for me starting this blog is to share with friends and family some of the insight I have obtained in the many years on issues of health and wellness. Now that those around me have seen improvements in my appearance, many have asked ‘What do you do?’

Here’s a brief synopsis of my thoughts:

  • Adopt a low glycemic-load diet and limit your ’splurges’ to special occasions
  • Identify optimal dietary supplements to ensure good health
  • Working with your doctor, get regular blood testing and continually modify your diet and supplement regimen to strive for optimal levels of circulating nutrients and hormones.

What this blog is:

A place where I share my personal experiences, thoughts, perspectives and those of my close associates who have agreed to let me share their stories. It is also a place where I discuss the perspectives of authorities on the topics of health, wellness and active longevity.

What this blog is not:

It is not a place where I provide you with direct, actionable advice. That is the place for your licensed health care provider, of which I am not one. Always consider the perspective of this blog in the context of the your current care plan with your physician and all relevant medical information at your physician’s disposal.

It is also not a place that engages in gratuitously critical or personal attacks to make my points. As is my personal belief, there are shards of ‘truth’ in every perspective (if even only so from the holder of that perspective) and I will always endeavor to respect that ‘truth’ – even when it is in apparent opposition to my truth.

Who am I?FBookPhoto

My name is Keith Toussaint. Born/raised in the great city of Chicago – now living  in New Orleans. I’m an every-day working guy, sometimes musician, always optimist who’s still trying to figure things out. Would love to hear your thoughts about my thoughts 🙂